Septentrionalia is a private initiative intended to improve access to the texts and languages of medieval northern Europe.

The central pillar of the initiative thus far has been the digitization of public-domain scholarship and text editions. What sets us apart from other digitization outfits is that we concentrate on a single academic field and approach the materials as texts rather than artefacts.

We hold no rights over the files we offer. Local law permitting, any user is free to download the material to any device and print, modify, and redistribute it in any way she deems fit without source attribution. Septentrionalia is dedicated to the preservation of early scholarship without compromising accessibility.

Through various resources connected with his academic website, Paul offers various language aids that may be used in conjunction with the materials here available. Particularly noteworthy are his Old Norse resources, which include grammatical introductions as well as a collection of verb paradigms.

The Septentrionalia digitization framework was conceived and realized by Paul Langeslag. The lexica poetica project was conceived by Andy Lemons and Paul Langeslag and realized in cooperation with Stefan Langeslag. The library project was conceived and realized by Paul Langeslag and Andy Lemons, who also bear the cost of the Septentrionalia initiative.

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